16th of June 2018

NEWS of International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF)

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17th of June 2018

NEWS of European Table Tennis Union (ETTU)

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1st  of March 2018

Veterans International T.T. Calendar March 2018

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8th of October 2017

European Veterans Championships 2019 in Budapest/Hungary


These Championships will be held from 1st to 7th  July in Budapest.

The venue will be the Budapest Olympic Center. The Veterans Championships

will be organised shortly after the ITTF-World Championships 2019 in the

same city.

Source: ETTU-Website



25th of August 2017


New Executive Board (EB) of International Veterans Table Tennis Society (IVTTS)


At the General Meeting (GM) of IVTTS on 18th of August 2017 in Izmir/Turkey the following persons were elected unanimously as members of the EB::


President:                   Dr. Savas Ertufan/Turkey

Deputy President:       Peter Bakker/Netherlands

Vice President:            Arnd Heymann/Germany

Vice President:            Jan Johns/England

Vice President:            Dimitar Karaivanov/Bulgaria

Secretary General:     Dieter Lippelt/Germany


The elections had become necessary because the legislature had expired and the former President Roy Norton did not stand for another candidacy.

Here very briefly the most important decisions taken at the GM on 18th of August in Izmir/Turkey:


Changes to the IVTTS-Constitution:


1.     The term “Veterans International” is deleted

2.    The term “Secretary” is replaced by “Secretary General”

3.    Members of EB  will be elected by the GM for a period of two years (instead of 4 years)

4.    Instead of two Vice-Presidents,  EB consists of three Vice-Presidents

5.    GM renounced the former Communications Manager


International Table Tennis Team Championships of Veterans Society/Clubs (ITTTCVS):


7th ITTTCVS 2019 will take place in the Netherlands.”



24th of August  2017

Results of the 6th IVTTTCVS has been published now.
The results of the 6th International Table Tennis Team Championships of Veterans Societies/Groups (ITTTCVS) are now published. They are available at ITTTCVS -Izmir 2017-Results. -

9th of August  2017

Players and Teams of 6th International Table Tennis Team Championships of Veterans Societies/Groups (ITTTCVS)
To  the 6th ITTTCVS, that  will take place in Izmir / Turkey from 18-20 August 2017, the list of participants and teams has been published now. Details can be read here.

A total of 186 players with 64 teams from 9 countries (Bulgaria, Germany, England, Iraq, Sweden, Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine and Cyprus) will participate in these Team Championships.




15th of March 2017


Budapest will host European Veterans Championship 2019


The ETTU-Executive Board is pleased to announce the 2019 European Veterans Championships has been awarded to the Hungarian Table Tennis Association to be held in the capital city of Budapest.

If you are interested in more details, click on NEWS of ETTU, please.






07th  of March 2017


6th International Table Tennis Team Championships of Veterans Societies/Groups (6th ITTTCVS)

from 18-20 August 2017 in Izmir/Turkey


The Executive Board of the Int. Veterans Table Tennis Society (IVTTS) and the Organizing Committee of Izmir Veteran Table Tennis Players Association (IZVET) as well would like to invite all member societies of IVTTS and other interested Veterans Groups to take part in the 6th ITTTCVS from 18th - 20th  in the attractive City of Izmir/Turkey.



If you are interested in more details please click on Tournament Brochure and on Registration Form

Each team will be consisted of two players (women) and three players (men) in the categories

over 40, 50, 60, 65, 70 and 75.  

IVTTS and IZVET wish all teams exiting days in Izmir.